About Us: Welcome to Bhutan Education

Bhutan Overseas Education Consultancy (BOEC) is one of the government-approved Education Consultancy Firms in Bhutan that provides reliable and timely consultancy, counseling and advisory services to a wide range of clientele, particularly our Bhutanese students/ youth, across the country. Since its establishment in early 2013, BOEC has remained consistently focused itself in identifying the best, recognized and reputed colleges and universities in India and Australia in particular and offering them to our Bhutanese students. During the last one year, BOEC has sent a number of students to colleges and universities in India and have thus far received no complaints either from the students or their parents. BOEC is committed to providing its best services in the field of education as per the varied needs and demands of our Bhutanese students/youth, particularly those students wishing to pursue higher levels of skills and education in India and abroad.